Beach Blogger – Equipment and Workflow for the Week

I’m acting as a Beach Blogger this week at the shore and I’ve brought a few of my machines to help me navigate and continue to write while I’m away from my office.

There’s nothing too special about what I’ve brought (my Macbook Air, 2 iPads, my iPhone 4, and my Canon DSLR) but I thought I’d share how I’m using them since it might give you an idea of how to maximize your writing when away from home.

For starters I’m using my iPads primarily as drafting machines for my writing – typically I connect a wireless keyboard to one of them and type like I normally would on the iPad version of IA Writer but instead I’ve decided to leave the wireless keyboard and home and draft without it and here’s why: I simply want to spend, if I can, more time on vacation than writing this week.

As such forcing me to draft on the iPad keeps my thoughts focused and my sentences simple instead of waxing eloquence or expanding thoughts too much to drag out too much time.

The iPhone 4 is primarily being used as a texting and phone device – I’m not using it to capture ideas or to do any drafting and finally the Macbook Air is acting as a quick image editor workflow and hitting the publish button when applicable.

See the palm trees? Yeahhhhhhhhhh.

The goal in all of that is to simply get my thoughts down, hit the publish button, and get back to the beach making a mess of myself with sandcastles and such awesome nonsense (as long as servers aren’t crashing!).

I have drafted out on a lofted screened porch with a nice fan and plenty of natural light – a dream!

Finally, I also have my Canon Rebel EOS XTI DSLR with the kit lens as well as a 50 prime – I barely know what I’m doing and am really just a point-and-click user with expensive hardware. My good friend Esther Havens (who spoke with me at the recent conference) got me this camera and I’ve been using it for a few years.

I love the pictures I’ve been able to take with it and I feel like I need to use it more, even for some of the pictures for this blog! I’m at the point where I need a mentor/coach or a serious photography lesson to get past what I know so far.

If you have any recommendations online and/or local classes I’d be interested in hearing about it!