Beacon Unveils RSS Feed Ads

Today at Beacon we get to announce an exciting new feature: RSS Advertisements.

Many subscribers primarily read blogs via their RSS reader. Pundits continue to claim the death of RSS, but we sure can’t see it.

Devices like the iPad and other large touch devices with dedicated RSS apps make reading via subscription even more appealing.


Consider coordinating ads on the main site and in the RSS feed. Why? Well think about this: a typical reader might view an RSS advertisement 5 times in a week, and click through to the blog once. Then, once they enter the site, they’ll be 5 impressions ahead of every other visitor to the site.


[tentblogger-youtube MgVAGWFSpaE]

Getting setup is simple:

  1. Go to your property and click “Add Zone”
  2. Make sure to select “RSS Feed” from the format options
  3. Setup the rest of the zone (ad size, pricing, etc.), click Next
  4. Download and install the BSA WordPress Plugin
  5. Copy and paste the Site and Zone ID’s
  6. Make sure to set it to the Beacon network

You should be good to go after that!

If you’re a Beacon publisher, take advantage and start rolling out RSS advertisements for your blogs. And as an advertiser, remember that RSS feeds are a new, viable option to find your audience (even the quiet ones who only read posts!). If you haven’t signed up, take a moment to join Beacon to take advantage of this new feature.

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