Beacon Update: Brief Downtime Overnight

In an effort to be above-board with our operations, we want to let you know about a hiccup that occurred in our service today. Late last night, we received an incoming support request from an alert site publisher who noticed that advertisements weren’t coming from the server.

We found that a corrupt file caused the network to go down for 11 hours.¬†Fortunately, this didn’t affect most of the US, only the Southeastern states.

But nonetheless, we work hard to keep downtime to a minimum, and apologize for the lost 11 hours. If you have questions regarding this particular incident or anything else, feel free to email me at

Technical Information

After looking into the problem, we discovered that the Atlanta CDN serving the Southeast had corrupted a crucial javascript file that we rely on to serve ads. It was too late to fix the problem last night, and an engineer had to restore the file this morning. Additionally, we discovered that a passive monitor that checks for uptime every 30 minutes hadn’t triggered when the file went down. We fixed those monitors and they are working again.

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