I Like Me Some BeaconAds

***Update*** – I’m now using BuySellAds as my advertising network which is nearly the same thing as Beacon.

Some very exciting news has just been announced! BeaconAds, the premier advertising network for faith-based websites, blogs, and more has just been acquired by 8BIT, one of the places where I work!

If you’re not familiar with BeaconAds it’s really quite simple: It’s a fully-automated system for bloggers to sell advertising on their blogs. You can quickly sign up and start selling ads within a few minutes of time.

We do have some internal requirements for website traffic and site size (to keep the value of the pool as high as possible) but if you’re hitting 250 visits per day you’re probably pretty safe and can join immediately.

But the most exciting thing about this acquisition is that I know what it takes to be successful as a blogger, especially as it relates to monetizing a blog well and strategically. And, you can guarantee that I’ll be posting some specific strategies for leveraging BeaconAds to it’s utmost in the days to come!

So, feel free to sign-up for BeaconAds and start working through some of the Blog Post Series I’ve already laid out!

Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, and/or suggestions! Would love to hear it! Beacon (and myself) are here to serve you!

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