Before the Launch…

Before I launch a new project I get a case of the pre-launch jitters. It’s somewhat hard to describe but it’s a mix of anxiety and fear that’s near-paralyzing.

I begin to doubt¬†everything, myself, the product, the community that I want to use the app…¬†everything. I begin to wonder why I even spent all the time to build it.

It’s ridiculous and it’s so incredibly annoying and despite the many years that I have had practicing the fine art of launching something new I still get nervous, every single time.

Walking through this part of the process is the worst because I’m sulky and mopey and hard to live with. Eventually I snap out of it but there’s nothing that can be done while I’m in it.

Part of the process of building products is working through the emotional struggle of launching. This is just part and parcel, nothing to be ashamed about and nothing to by shy over. You just continue to grind it out, work hard, and hope for the very best.

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