Being Mortal

I just finished reading Being Mortal and I kept telling my wife as I read it that it made me feel uncomfortable and depressed.

Naturally, I hoped that it would swing upwards as we got into the back-half of the book and near the end, but, it didn’t… which I think is important. The book was nothing short of sobering, an unpleasant but important reminder that we are all going to die.

But, the point is that death doesn’t have to be complicated (or made over-complicated by medicine) or misunderstood… it can be met with awareness, education, and really good counsel.

A tough first book to read in my new “book club” that I’ve started with my father and my two brothers. The goal is to simply read a book together, once a month, and then chat on the phone together about it.

Admittedly, this is a completely selfish move, a means to an end I suppose, as I simply want a reason to connect with my dad and brothers. I’m looking forward to our first chat.

Thanks to Brad for the great idea.

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