Believing in Someone

I got this email from a friend and I was absolutely thrilled:

So stoked. So happy!

To add a bit of context here… I hired this gal for a previous company and we built up enough rapport to stay in contact (I love when that happens) and as she continued to grow and expand her own perspective her career she discovered that she had an unmet need to spend more time in design (UI / UX).

I didn’t do much more than simply encourage her to pursue her “hunch” especially since she and I worked for a company that focused on life change so she could take a little bit of her own medicine!

But apparently it was enough (or at least contributed) to push her forward and being another strong voice in her tribe and community that believes in her.

I’m a fan.

In fact, believing in someone can be more than enough to produce significant life change… the cost-to-benefit ratio is amazing in size and scope: All it (may) require is a metaphorical “pat on the back,” telling the person that they can do it, that you believe in them.

Perhaps there are more people in your (and my own) life that need to hear those life-giving words. Go do that now.