A Sense of Belonging

The idea of belonging has been on my mind quite a bit over the last few months, weeks especially.

And, not-so-strangely, it has come from the most unlikely of places: My work. Or, more specifically, my work environment and my colleagues that I get to work with.

This is my tribe, in a way, and I get a great deal of value from being part of it. And, I never thought I’d feel this way with the folks that I work with — although, I had hoped that I would someday be able to experience it, I had my doubts that I ever would.

So far, so good.

The never-ending challenge will be for us to not only maintain the great parts of our culture but to also cultivate it and grow it (i.e. as we add more people to the team).

It’s a great problem worth solving, but will be difficult, as it should be.

What a great feeling it is to belong. I feel more than just safe, protected, and cared for; I feel invigorated, inspired, and even weaponized.

I shared with the team yesterday the idea of weaponizing the sense of belonging in how we design our product and what it does to serve our community. But also how my own sense of belonging has accelerated me to be my very best and has naturally drawn increased performance.

And, as I mentioned, it just feels great. Life is a little bit more vivid in a way and I’m not inclined to give that up anytime soon.

In the end, I just want to be useful — don’t we all?