Best Company to Work For

Fortune has listed out the top companies to work for and the list is riddled with some of the biggest names around.

Nice interactive as well.

It dawned on me how few times I hear a founder of a business, especially in the early stages, mention this as one of their goals. I don’t often hear:

My dream is to build the best company to work for ever.

Rather, I hear things about building a great business (and we know what we mean by “business”… profit.) or they say something to the affect of building a “game-changing” product.

Or, if they’re spiritual or in the non-profit sector they’ll say something like:

I want to start a movement of passionate individuals who … … …

But it’s not about working at a great company primarily – it’s the movement ya heard?!

Funny how I know more than a handful of organizations who desire to change the world and yet their staff seem to be overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated.

Too bad.

I want to build great products and I want to build a profitable and sustainable business, but let it be known that I want to make an amazing company to work for. Heck, in 10 years I want to be in the top 25 on Forbes.

There, I’ve said it.