Best Dentist in Atlanta

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It’s hard to imagine that I’d ever find a dentist that I really like but I believe we’ve done it. Dr. Gabriel over at Druid Hills Dental is the man.

The building is practically nondescript and the interior hallway that you walk down to get to his office is somewhat foreboding as if it’s trying to mentally steel you for what you feel will be a terrible encounter.

You turn the knob on the door and in you walk to what feels altogether different. The staff greets you warmly and there are some comfortable chairs to sit. It’s cozy and homey.

Then you meet Dr. Gabriel who must be one of the few dentists in the world that actually likes his job. No, he loves it. You can tell that it’s more than just something to keep idle hands busy – it’s like a calling or something.

He engages with you in conversation and if you’ve been there before he apparently has the capacity to remember your last visit and even continue the conversation as if you had just taken a short lunch break.

He laughs, which feels so odd in and of itself, and it fills the small office. No one laughs when you visit the dentist, right? I mean, there’s nothing enjoyable about the entire experience, right?

Apparently it is quite possible and with Dr. Gabriel he has changed my entire perspective around dental care. His advice was sound and for my own benefit and wallet, which I really appreciate. He wasn’t interested in sucking out more insurance claims for my visit and instead wanted me to keep most of my God-given teeth instead of increasing the billables.

I think the most important difference though is that I wasn’t afraid to ask him questions about what was going on inside my mouth nor was I afraid to tell him that things hurt when he was working on my teeth. I don’t know about you but I have been so scared of saying anything that I’ll typically just do a grin-and-bear-it type of deal and just hope it all ends quickly.

But instead, I felt completely at ease telling him that I’d like some more numbing “juice” and he was more than happy to oblige as he continued to work on my 4 fillings.

Post-procedure I stood up, still somewhat woozy perhaps, and asked if I could take a picture with him because I really liked the guy (I even told him this explicitly). He was slightly taken aback but happily obliged.


Dr. Gabriel of Druid Hills Dental is the best dentist I’ve ever had and I had no problem scheduling my 6-month checkup (I typically dodge this question and historically stay away for as long as I possibly can).

Man… I really, reallyreally, like that guy.

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