Your Best Investment Ever

Hey folks,

Wow, has it really been that long since I sent you one of these? Yes, yes it has… on May the 4th actually.

And that was a pretty important day, by the way… I had publicly revealed MNML App and wanted to share it with the world. I’m glad it’s out and I’m glad folks are finding it useful, naturally.

But that’s not what this newsletter is about, of course. I had some inspiration recently that I wanted to share with you and I thought was important enough to open up the newsletter editor and jot a few thoughts done.

Well, let me be even more honest… these thoughts (and that’s the right thing to call them) are much less inspiration and much more of a simple reminder of something that you and I already know about:

Investing in yourself is never a bad idea and always creates the highest value and generates the best long-term return on investment.

And although we know this to be true we often times put our own needs to the side and instead focus most (if not all) of our energy on helping others achieve their dreams.


We may not think about that in that way, but, give this idea a moment of your time: You are working on someone else’s dream.

Crazy, right?

You see, when you go to into the office and work your “9-to-5” job you are helping someone else achieve their dream. You are working on someone’s project that grew big enough to create a profit and big enough to hire folks, just like you, to continue to expand the project into a business.

But it was, at one point in time, just a seed of an idea, a pipe-dream perhaps that actually worked and came into full fruition.

Now, of course, this behavior and choice is not mutually exclusive as we both know that by working and getting paid and making a salary that you are also contributing to your own needs and maybe even fulfilling, at least partially, your own dream(s) as well.

But, I think you get the point and I also think you know the distinction that I’m trying to make. There is a difference in how we feel about working on someone else’s dream and working on your own, intentionally, explicitly, and full-time.

Now, I’m not advocating that you quit your job or do something outrageous! But, I am challenging you to think more about the limited time that you have on earth and whether you are investing your time in the absolute best way possible.

I’m asking you if you are, truly, investing in yourself. You know it if you are and you certainly know it if you aren’t.

If we were to go all the way back to the financial metaphor… you know if you’re…

  • … making a bad investment.
  • … making an okay and mediocre investment.
  • … making a good investment.
  • … making a great investment.

It’s not that you have to be full-time on the last one all the time but you should be making small deposits on the last one all the time, make sense?

I’m just reminding you that you can and should be investing in yourself and that I believe, over time, you can move the needle closer to doing this more often than not. That’s all.

Stay true. Stay humble. Never stop learning.

Love you folks.