Let the Best Team Win

A challenging thing for any startup team to work and manage through is competition and the growing number of projects and companies that are competing directly in your space.

Or entering into it.

The one thing about being in the heart of Silicon Valley is that this is the very center of the universe for copycats. It is, quite literally, “Copycat Kingdom”.

Because all eyes of the technological world are focused on what folks are doing we see a ton of folks who will try exactly what others have done and/or are doing.

Consequently, when I see this I am not even phased or disturbed, although I used to be. Why? Because there are only two types of people out there: Those that execute with speed and intent and those who do not (or who simply can’t).

At the end of the day the ones left standing (and winning) will be the ones who maintain their focus and work on their one percent.

And the organization and team that does that, even if their concept may, in fact, be a “copycat,” is the one that wins. This is fair and just and exactly the way it should be.

Besides, everything is a remix at this point… well, not everything, but most things for sure.

There’s freedom in just executing well.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot as my brother and I have been putting things together for his new project. He’s gained great traction and growth numbers already but it’s just getting started.

But what he’s doing is new and exciting and, most importantly, it’s working. And when something starts working the copycats come.

And they have. We have observed many folks within the space borrow his ideas and some have outright stolen them with a carbon-copy name and even using the same logo iconography and brand markings.

Unbelievable… but I’m not surprised, in the slightest. You see, if things continue to work well then even more copycats will naturally rise and many of them will be successful.

And this is not a bad thing; we welcome it. It validates our work and our time invested and it motivates us to work even harder, even smarter.

Competition is always good. Always. We may not appreciate it and we may even respond and react poorly at first, but this showcases our own insecurity and anxieties.

Let the best team win.