Best Things Come in 3’s and 7’s… I Think.

I took a 3 day break from blogging here on my personal blogspot and I’m happy to say that I’m still alive and my conscience is clean.

And the best thing is that I didn’t stress about it nearly as much as I thought I would. Booya.

I didn’t think I’d be able to, especially with some of the very cool things happening but I honestly needed just a few days to get things back into perspective. In addition, over the last 3 days I’ve come up with 7 “things” that I’d like to get done for 2010; in fact, I borrowed them completely from North Point‘s value system:

  1. Biblical Authority – Are my priorities consistent with Scripture?
  2. Intimacy with God – Is my relationship with God growing?
  3. Relevant Environments – Are the environments I’m creating appealing, engaging, and helpful?
  4. Relational Evangelism – In whom am I investing in?
  5. Authentic Community – Am I in a small group?
  6. Strategic Service – Where am I serving?
  7. Intentional Apprenticing – Who am I apprenticing?

Again, I’m not big into resolutions or anything like that, but these are great because they are not only healthy for me as an employee but also extremely important for me personally.

I’ve decided (and it didn’t take me too long to commit, at least in my head) that I’m going to pursue these things this year.

My favorite thing is that none of them are necessarily related to anything web-related or technology.


Anyone want to help keep me “accountable?”

[Image from Thomas]