The Best Time to Write…

… is when inspiration strikes. So…

… write when it hits and do it as fast as you fucking can.

This is how you build your discipline. This is how you design your craft. This is how you start becoming a weaponized writer.

And, if you show up consistently enough, the muse will visit you too. Why? Because your muse rewards you when she knows you’re ready to sit under her guidance, authority, and leadership.

Eventually (inevitably?), she’ll begin to show up more, especially when she knows she doesn’t necessarily have to. You’ve built a schedule, a pattern of behavior, and most importantly you’ve created a spot for her in your daily workflow, a safe and trusted space for her to sit and relax and review your thoughts, feelings, and your very soul.

Note: Your muse is an unmistakably jealous partner in your creative work—she may eventually want to control most of it.

Your job is to just do what she tells you to do: Spit it all out, don’t stop moving those fingers, forcefully-vomit all over the (digital) page and don’t stop until you’re effectively dry-heaving out your thoughts.

[Yes, this is a little bit graphic, but, I’m doing what she’s telling me to do!]

Ironically, she won’t ever tell you if you’ve done a “good” job or whether or not you’ve done enough to satisfy her! Calling her “mercurial” would be kindness, to be sure.

Write when she tells you to write. Make sure you have the right tools (and systems) at-the-ready. And she’ll meet you there.