Best Version of You

Tony Xu’s interview on The Macro is good but his focus in the beginning around becoming the best version of you is powerful.

This, in particular, is useful mental chewing gum around work and how you spend your time… perhaps even your short and long-term vocation and work:

You should look at what you’re doing in your free time. If you’re doing things for free or voluntarily without any pressure or incentive, I think that’s a very good tell for what you gravitate toward. I think that’s true topically and functionally.

If you find yourself wanting to code or talk to customers or build a financial model, then that’s what you should do. I don’t think you should try to be like someone else, I think you should be the best version of you.

I have shared this particular perspective many, many times both on this blog and then even more poignantly in person with friends and those that I’ve been fortunate enough to coach and mentor.

There is something very powerful about investing more fully in the things that you do in your spare and free time. Again, if anything, it’s an important mental exercise to consider more fully.

One question that I have asked myself many, many times over the years is this:

What would it look like if I were to do this full-time?

Of course, “this” is the thing that I was doing without being asked, the things that I loved doing just because sotospeak. These were the things that I had never gotten paid for nor were they things that I did full-time.

I understand that not everything can be done full-time without seriously damaging one’s financial position and state – but, I want to challenge you to think more creatively about it… I bet there is a way to do those things and also make a living. I think it requires creativity and an open mind to the possibility that you may not have figured out that part out quite yet.

The internet and the world wide web has really opened the door for a ton of value to be created in non-traditional ways. There are skills, experiences, and ways of earning income that still blows my mind even today. I can’t believe how creative some people have become with earning money…!

But, the goal shouldn’t be forgotten: You want to become the very best version of yourself. If you’re not on that path then you need to revert and get back to that place.

You owe it to yourself, primarily, and the rest of the world is waiting for you to get your shit in order. And everyone wins when you get there.