Relationships Above Everything Else

I wrote a post yesterday about raising a round of venture capital for my startup which is important for two reasons, the first is the fact that it’s the first time we’ve been “officially” public about it and second because it was an opportunity to highlight a powerful principle that we all know intellectually but oftentimes forget.

I hate when that happens.

When I say “officially” all I mean is that is that we’ve now written something from one of our own properties (e.g. our own corporate blog). As I share, we’ve been a bit coy over the last year but that’s because we’ve been infinitely more focused on building a great product and less about stuff like raising VC.

It’s too easy to get caught in a hype-cycle that has relatively little value, in an of itself. I’d rather talk, yet again, about how important relationships are to our personal and professional development, career, and life as a whole.

I shared a few thoughts about this on my vlog as well:

I’ll admit that it might be a little hard to listen to what I’m saying when my youngest is so darn entertaining in the background!

Relationships are the most important thing that you and I have in this lifetime. It’s the thing that makes life worth living and the things that ultimately drives true meaning.

Relationships, above everything else. This is the operating rule, the standard, an absolute non-negotiable. I believe that my success is completely tied to the strength and quality of the relationships that I have and that I’m building, cultivating, and investing in.

If that resonates, then, why are you spending so much time investing in things that don’t have even close to the same return on investment? That do not give the type of lasting joy and satisfaction?

It’s because our world tempts us to look elsewhere and we buy into it so easily and so willingly. The temptation and gravitational pull is deep and wide. Investing in relationships and making it a priority is a daily struggle, a battle, because there are so many other things we could spend our time doing.

We must be reminded. Bet on relationships. Keep betting.