Better Estimates

After having built a ton of software and a number of different startups I know better than ever that things take much, much longer than you originally hope and plan.

Things like multiplying by three and iterations on product and strategy are well-worn paths at this point.

Strangely (and sadly…?) I’m not sure that this makes me better at estimating the time required to complete tasks or projects, despite this wealth of experience.

So even now, as I budget and plan I liberally add time to the top-end of an estimate, I think to myself that I’m wildly off and still overly-confident in my own ability to execute.

But it’s a fun exercise nonetheless. I don’t mind being surprised by the results, both early ones and ones that take much longer to boil. I have lived long enough to appreciate the fact that there are more things outside of my control than within my control and how that’s probably for the better.

Cheers to being so wrong and still winning in the end.