A Better Future for Our Children

Image via Kara Gomez

Image via Kara Gomez

I had the great pleasure yesterday to spend time speaking, coaching, and mentoring kids at the San Antonio Code Jam. Complete props to Debi, her team, and the 100+ volunteers that came out to help with the event and, of course, Rackspace for providing an unbelievable environment for the event!

It’s hard to describe the event as a whole since I was pretty blown away by the the entire thing – seeing hundreds of kids actively and interested learning software programming at such young ages is so encouraging!

But perhaps what is even more encouraging is the fact that the event was build around the collaborative connection that the kids make with their parents. For some adults this is the first time they are really able to see their kids passion on display and also how big the community is around building software.

The result? A brighter future for these kids, plain and simple. I shared some additional thoughts on Silicon Hill News:

Events like this open their minds to what is possible and then their imagination can take them the rest of the way. I think most opportunities are lost simply because people are unaware of them.

Children have a limited exposure to the working world.

But here it’s about video games, blogging, writing, storytelling and making worlds. Kids see they can do this for a living. It expands their horizons.

These events also begin to plant seeds in the bigger education system about a need for change to accommodate these tech kids.

You can read the full article here as well. It’s so great to see a generation of adults who are passionate and intentional about investing in our children so that they have more options when they become old enough to work.

I’m so blessed to be a part of that growing movement with the work that I do @ The Iron Yard; and I’m still looking for amazing people who also believe in that worthwhile mission to join our team.