Become a Better Version of You This Coming Year (Write More)!


The end of the year is a few days away and I know that many of us are doing some sort of review of our 2014 year and looking toward 2015 with great anticipation.

Perhaps some of you are even making a number of goals for yourself! I think that’s super-important and I am finishing up my list of top-level goals for myself which I’ll share and post on my personal blog here in the next few days.

I’ll just come out with it and let you know that I hope journaling, writing, and blogging is a big part of your 2015 year! It’s self-evident that this would a big deal and I hope that I can continue to encourage you often about the importance of writing.

And… look at that… we’ve been Featured again on a new spot in the Mac App Store in their New Year, New You section under Keep a Journal! Wow!


Again, honored and humbled to be listed among many great apps that can help you become a much better version of yourself this year! I hope I can help you this year in a really big way and allow Desk to be part of that.

Oh, and don’t forget to join our amazing community of writers too – that’ll help as well!