Bias Toward Action

It would be somewhat of an understatement to say that I have a bias toward action – honestly, I can do no other.

I must form any and all strategy into something tangibly-practical, and the things that stay in the nebulous area of thought are typically forgotten or seen as inferior. Usually both at the same time.

I simply want to do something with what I know and to see something come out of nothing.

When you are building your own organization, or team, or group of misfits, it is absolutely critical that you have at least one person that is hell-bent on building momentum forward; if not, feel free to join any of the infinite options for “Master Forums of Knowledge”; they aren’t doing anything and will gladly accept you into their ranks.

Can a bias toward action be acquired or developed? I think so. I think it takes time, a helluva lot of practice, and working with other people that do just that.

Perhaps that’s a goal that you should have for this coming year. Hang out with people that do shit, not just talk about doing cool shit.

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