Big Change

Prayer Requests:

– Su Kim and her big change in her life.
– Mission trips… Su, Jobey, others…

– Tim Hur/David Pae/Patrick/Nat – God’s presence
– The Carden’s and missionary work.
– ACG, relationships, men, women, outreach, youth.
– Leaders of ACG, Church, Yohan, future leaders.
– Lakewood and finding leadership
– Sue Hong and her back and hip problems.
– Iraq conflict, North Korea conflict

– Jason/Miso, Brian/Regina, Corey/Kelly.
– Enoch and his purpose at tech/parents.
– Justin and his calling to goto military.
– Andrew Chun and pride with music and gifts
– Jiyoung and her roommate.
– Dorothy and her summer plans, parents.
– Kyong and Sunny nightmares and sleep.

– Selling the van/wagon.

– Eric Cho and his anxiety.
– Ronald and control idol.

– Petakun’s Men’s Group.

– Tiffany’s father had surgery
– Mr. Owen and his search for a job.

– Me – Bosnia, idols, relationships, ministry, future