Big Fish

“Big Fish,” the movie, was really good.

Project: XANGA

There’s something about your relationship to your father that really pulls at your gut.
I think many men, young men, have trouble relating to their fathers, talking to them, coming to them with questions, struggles, hopes, dreams, everything.
I want to be a father.  I want my kids to know their dad’s heart, his struggles, his triumphs, and his infinite need of someone greater than himself.
I want my son to come to me and ask about sex and women instead of learning it off the bathroom wall.
I want to be able to come to him and ask him about life, I want to be able to hold him when he’s hurt and share in his joys when God blesses him.
I don’t want him to lose faith in His Heavenly Father on account of me.
I want to point Him to the Father that will supply all His needs, especially the ones that I cannot, and by doing so have him head to the True Father for all things.
And then, to lose him, to a wonderful women of God, a godly, righteous, beautiful woman, as they become one and run toward Jesus with all their might.
That, my Lord, my God, is a ministry opportunity that I want to be given, granted, and blessed with.
My son and You.