Is Bitcoin The Future?

Someone asked a really good and penetrating question on a forum that I participate in and I thought I’d share my response here on my blog.

The question was:

I thought this was a great question and so I answered it this way:

Bitcoin isn’t the future any more or less than the internet is the future. Bitcoin is one implementation of technical protocols and advancements in computer science. Bitcoin could be the next amazon or Apple or google or it could be, or web-fucking-van… but it doesn’t really matter if bitcoin, itself, survives… instead, it is the “face that launched 1,000 ships,” if we can go Greek for a sec.

And that’s why Bitcoin matters because it started something that cannot be unstarted. It has made people, normal every folks like you and I, consider all that we’ve done in the past and reconsider everything that may eventually (inevitably?) come.

So much so that many of us have changed our entire lives to pursue what we believe to be true.

Is that not enough of an answer?

If one, singular person re-oriented their entire life to work on bitcoin then it would fundamentally matter. The fact that thousands (soon to be millions) of people have done similar doesn’t make bitcoin any less or more impressive.

Bitcoin matters because it changes lives and our very lives are the future. What we do with that future was because of bitcoin.

And that’s why bitcoin is “the future,” or technically part of the reason the future will exist for many of us. Even if it dies tomorrow the movement has begun. Just like a martyr, perhaps, is part of that movements future, even if she isn’t there to see it to the end.

For more personal context, I am that “singular person” in my response as I’ve decided that bitcoin and the technical protocols like consensus and blockchain are areas of interest that go far beyond mere superficial curiosity.

I want to know as much as I possibly can about this entire space, from the inside and the out. Consequently, I’ve changed my life to revolve in and around this ecology and am working now full-time in bitcoin and blockchain.

It is an addiction worth feeding and this is why bitcoin, for me, is the future.