Bitcoin vs Gold vs S&P 500

Let’s take a quick and revealing look at the return on investment of bitcoin versus gold and the S&P 500, for fun!


Both gold and bitcoin have similar properties in that they are immune to any person / group creating more of the supply. Gold is the analog application (of sound money principles) while bitcoin is the digital application.

But the financial performance re: store of value isn’t even in the same category. The nominal returns are pretty bad but the real returns are technically rock-bottom and shows that gold is neither a safe haven asset or a “great” store of value that folks have been talking about since forever.

It’s simply not an inflation hedge anymore my friends and it’s time to jump on something that actually works and is historically-proven to kick serious ass. If your goal is to “get rich” then I don’t know of any LTS (long-term savings vehicle) that’ll help you do that faster.

But do yourself one better and become wealthy.

What’s crazy to think is that I am (barely) only half-way through my own personal financial adventure along this timeline (and not so quite if you want to get super-serious on the actual investment side) and my own returns are in-line with these historical projections and I am more than grateful.

I can’t wait to see what they’ll be by year 10 — let’s do this.