The Pub: A Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Community

My brother just recently launched (this morning) a new small (but growing) bitcoin and cryptocurrency community called The Bitcoin Pub.

If you’re into that sort of thing or if you want to learn more about this growing industry and technology and protocol… then “The Pub” might be a great place to get some friendly advice and counsel.

And you may meet and make some new friends in the #cryptonation.

I particularly like the logo and it’s been fun to see my brother put together properties around his YouTube channel that work with a food metaphor (e.g. “bite size” and “pub” and a new app he’s building that has the word “yum” in it).

Launched this morning the site had a few hiccups as it struggled to handle the initial load of folks who jumped into the new site. I’ve been providing a little bit of technical guidance here and there and we had to quadruple the size of the cloud system to just get through the launch.

In fact, as a consequence of having a ton of warm bodies walking around the new site it went down a couple times. I had to cycle it twice to upgrade the size and it went down a few more times by itself as it buckled under the load.

Quadrupling the size also increased the cost of the cloud instance by 5X per month. The advantage of a cloud computing system and architecture is our ability to scale at-will and on-demand. The downsides are that it can be quite expensive and a premium to have that luxury.

My brother’s on-going challenge will be how to balance the technical costs of building a community while not dampening or hemorrhaging what he’s built so far. These aren’t new issues, relatively-speaking, but they are new to his new efforts around building a vibrant and growing YouTube community.

Just watching him deal with the outages and struggling to manage the impressive growth has been neat. He really has found a toehold in my theory around person-market fit and how iteration, experimentation, hard work and perseverance can result in very positive outcomes.

Sometimes (most times!) you just need to struggle through the first few iterations until you get a good handle on what you have to do, where you have to go, and who you have to work with.

Personally-speaking, I can empathize with that 1,000% as my own career path over the last few years has been this exact process. Working hard, building a robust relational network, and trusting that through the process I’ll find a fit.

There’s nothing magical about it and if there was a formula, well, that would be it. Very few things beat relationships and hard work, full stop.