I really love what my partner did with this Whiteboard, Everywhere solution on this mega-large whiteboard he created for our office (more pics here).

I can stand back and just stare at it and it starts filling up with tons of neat ideas for our company, products that we’ve build (or haven’t built yet), and future ventures that are just the seedling of an idea.

But like you I can spend a ton of time just noodling an idea over in my head and letting it just sit there and eventually rot. Even though I have a bias toward action I’m still very much human as every great idea has the potential to become less great when I finally put it down on paper.

To train myself away from this I have discovered that I must make every attempt at turning any blank canvas into a starting point for doing something. Go! I tell myself. Don’t just stand there, fill up the space and write that junk down and get it out of your head and into the real world.

By doing this you will learn to share ideas more fluidly and be less afraid of critique. You will gather boldness where you thought you had none (or didn’t need any) and your ideas get better and why going alone isn’t always the best option.

I spent some time this morning in my notebook (which is nearly full, time to get a new one) and practiced this art myself today. Your turn:

  • You’ve got an idea so write it down somewhere publicly right now. 
  • Share it with someone else.
  • Don’t respond, just listen.

See what happens.