Getting Started with Blog Ads, Advertising

This is the official announce post of the new blog series that will cover how a new blogger should begin advertising on their blog.

For those that are already a bit experienced and have been blogging for a while you may find some of this a bit remedial but I’m sure there will be a thing or two that you will be able to take away and perhaps refine as you work at being more effective with monetization.

Yup, it is definitely possible to make money advertising! It is not easy though.

I’m not completely sure how many parts this blog series will be (unlike the Making Money Blogging series where I knew that it was going to be 10 posts) so we’ll play this one by ear, but there are at least 10 posts that I’ve already drafted to start.

Here’s the tentative outline (and the order of publishing will probably change):

  1. Preamble: The Story of the Saddest Sidebar Ever
  2. 3 Reasons Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money
  3. When You Should Start Advertising on Your Blog
  4. The Right Advertising Strategy to Try First as a New Blogger
  5. Choosing the Right Location, Size, and Number of Ads to Start With on Your New Blog
  6. Frustrated Yet? Take a Break!
  7. How Much Traffic Do You Need to Start Advertising on Your Blog?
  8. Increasing Your Awareness of Advertising Best Practices is Crucial to Your Success
  9. How to Price (How Much to Charge) for your Advertising Spots
  10. 10 Tips to Create the Best and Most Effective Advertising and Sponsorship Page Ever
  11. Crafting a Simple Blog Advertising Contract or Agreement [Examples Included]
  12. 5 Guiding Principles that Will Help You Choose the Right Advertisers
  13. 10 Practical Tips on How to Handle Your First Advertising Sale
  14. 10 Tips for Moving One-Time Advertisers to Long-Term Partners
  15. 3 Key Ingredients that Help You Build a Business Around Your Blog
  16. Create a Simple Privacy Policy for Your Blog (Example Included)
  17. How to Successfully Sell Ad Space on Low Traffic & New Blogs

As I mentioned in the first post, please let me know if there’s anything specific that you’d like me to potentially tackle in this series and I’ll see if I can fit it in!

Looking forward to the posts and the conversations!