Why You Must Have a Blog to Increase Your Personal Online Brand

One of the best things that you can do to increase your online personal brand is to have a blog attached to it. Literally.

I could probably spend hours (well, maybe not “hours” but a lot of time) giving you tons of reasons why you need a blog and why it’s one of the best ways to promote and increase your online digital footprint and brand but I won’t. Instead, I’ll give you a list of compelling reasons why:

  1. Starting a blog is absolutely free! Sure, you can go the self-hosted route if you’d like but you can get started for free.
  2. Updating a blog is easy and relatively painless but it keeps your brand fresh with new content which means that you’re tapping into traffic via SEO. Traffic means more eyes to your brand and more potential customers and clients.
  3. Social proof and social sharing via Facebook and Twitter are built right in. You’ll expand your influence easily and it’s infinitely scalable. This means free marketing opportunities. Oh yeah!
  4. Your blog will be easier to find (via SEO) than your landing page at times. This is incredibly valuable when you first start out.
  5. Feedback from the community is direct and instantaneous. Your ability to fine-tune your approach, your marketing, and even your products, services, and offerings can be done via your blog. It’s a communication channel unlike any other!
  6. It will help you position yourself differently and provide more value to you. It’ll give you a competitive advantage over all those that aren’t blogging.
  7. It’ll also help establish you as an expert in your field and craft.
  8. It’s a pipeline of customers – your readers could become your clients and prospects.
  9. It’ll enable you to expand your growing brand (and business) as you build a loyal base of followers. You’ll be able to also price things higher and make a better bottom line.
  10. It gives you networking opportunities to other bloggers and influencers within your field. You can promote them as well as they can promote you.
  11. It opens the doors for even more business opportunities, products, spin-offs, book deals, and even radio and TV appearances. Sounds crazy? It’s happened, many times over now. It may even get you a full time job.
  12. It’s a live and active portfolio for your work, especially if you’re a creative or artist. You can leverage it for cross-promotion of other work too.
  13. It’s cost is low. Oh, I mentioned that already, right?

Got it? Good!

Naturally there are a few areas that you’ll want to optimize and I could spend some time listing them out but I have a huge blog post series on launching a WordPress blog that’ll cover many of those areas like About Pages for your personal biography, comment management, social media usage, and more.

You’ll want to check out this series here for more tips on how to launch well.

My final piece of advice is that you make sure you really, really focus your blog content around your personal brand. It’s far too easy to dilute your efforts or go “off brand” with your content. Make sure you stick to it and really go deep instead of wide.

[This is part of the Personal Branding Series.]