Atlanta Meetup: Turning a Blog into a Business

Yes…! Finally, we’re going to be having our very first local Meetup┬áhere in Atlanta @ Total Wine around the Perimeter. And guess what, they are offering us not only the space but a free wine tasting!

It should be a great time to meet local bloggers and other digital enthusiasts as well as taste some delicious fermented grapes (you don’t have to drink, of course)!

But even if you’re not in the Atlanta area that’s cool because you should consider starting a local TentBlogger meetup in your area! Feel free to suggest a meeting time and location and then see who comes – even if it’s just a few people the power of community and networking can’t be beat!


Be courageous! Be a leader!

Love to see a global network of tentbloggers meeting up weekly (if not daily…?)!

In any case, hope to see you there next month! I’ll be sharing my perspective of turning my hobby and interest into something a bit more business-minded and how I went about doing it simply and systematically.


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