Developing Great Blog Content That’s Read and Ranked

The Godfather has so many parallels to great blog content... I'll let you marinate on that.

This has been a Series idea that I’ve been planning to execute for some time now and I’m excited to finally find some time to write around this particular subject.

There is no question – content is the lifeblood of a blog. Without it you don’t actually have anything! But here’s the thing: Everyone creates content but not all content is actually visited and read. How does one make sure that their blog and their blog posts don’t end up the blackhole of the internet?

You see, the challenge is to create not just good content but great content that ranks well in search engines, engages your audience, and increases your pageviews. I know a thing or two about how this works (and doesn’t work) and I’d love to export all of that knowledge right into you!

Just like the other Series Posts this blog post here will serve as the landing page for the content as I generate it. I’m looking forward to this series and I hope you are too!

  1. Great Blog Content Starts Before You Hit Publish! 5 Elements That Most Bloggers Forget!
  2. What’s Your Blog’s Promise?
  3. Great Blogs Find Focus in These 3 Areas: Passion, Expertise, and Unique Value
  4. List Out Your Passions, Expertise, and Unique Value
  5. Becoming a Wabi-Sabi Blogger – Great example of #3 in action!
  6. Great Blogs Publish Posts with 300 Words or More
  7. Great Blogs Keep Their Page Load Time Short, Blog Weight Light!
  8. Great Blog Content Needs Strategic and Focused Categories
  9. Great Blogs Use Categories and Not Tags
  10. 3 Types of Content that Draw Consistent and High Traffic
  11. Creating a Vision Statement for Your Blog
  12. How To: Create a Blog Post Series and Why You Need Them!
  13. Creating Effective and Profitable Evergreen Blog Content
  14. 5 Writing Tips That I Learned From My Wife
  15. 5 Ingredients Required to Create a Blog Schedule That Works
  16. The Power of Creating a Workflow for Your Blog
  17. Your Rituals Help You Stay Productive
  18. A Few Thoughts on Video Blogging and Getting Started
  19. The Complete Guide to Using Images in Your Blog Posts
  20. Create Blog Templates to Streamline Your Publishing
  21. 5 Tips on Developing a Great Writing Habit That Works
  22. RSS: Readers, Apps, and a Subscription Strategy That Helps You Write Great Content
  23. 25 Types of Blog Posts That People Love to Click and Read
  24. 3 Elements That Will Help You Become an ‘Iterative’ Blogger
  25. Be an Accessible Blogger: Community is Content Strategy!
  26. Great Follow-Up Post: 5 Tips on Leveraging Community Feedback Well for Your Blog
  27. Become a Master Link Architect: Internal, External Linking, PageRank
  28. Publishing is Not Enough: Become a Blog Post Curator!
  29. An X Factor Element to Determine Your Content Strategy: Curiosity
  30. Crafting Perfect SEO Meta Title Tags for Your Blog Posts
  31. 10 Free Keyword Tools for Your Blog Title Tag Research
  32. Content Style Suggestions, Guidelines for Great Web Copy
  33. 13 More Tools for Testing the Performance of Your Blog
  34. Copy and Paste Your Blog Post Drafts Into WordPress the Right Way
  35. The Reason You Should Draft Your Blog Posts Outside WordPress
  36. The Best Blogging Apps for Windows, Mac, and More
  37. 20 Distraction-Free Minimal Writing Apps to Help You Focus Your Blog Content Creation
  38. The Power of ‘Free’ – A Top Strategy for Getting Blog Traffic
  39. 5 Reasons Why You Need to Experiment More with Your Blog
  40. Simplify and Speed Up Your Workflow for Commenting on Blogs
  41. Managing, Moderating Your Comments Well as Your Blog Grows
  42. A Psychological Strategy of Effective Blog Content
  43. Fully Exploit Strengths, Not Weaknesses, for Your Blog Content
  44. 10 Tips to Keep Your Blog Alive While on Vacation or Traveling
  45. Establishing Trust: Your Content Isn’t Everything!

If you have any particular questions that you’d like answered or areas of coverage surrounding content that you’d like me to unpack for you then please let me know in the comments!

See you in a bit!