Growing Blog for Sale

Experimentation has been and will continue to be one of the most important things that I do. In fact, I count on it as a core part of my success as an entrepreneur.

It’s also why I continue to expand and grow my online presence, platform, and personal brand. 9 out of 10 experiments that I do never see the light of day because they are either still in the process of being evaluated or they have failed miserably. This is part and parcel of the process and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

On a rare occasion I’ll invite some of my trusted partners and colleagues into the mix and they’ll help the experiment get a little more footing. That’s always fun because it shows the potential of the experiment even more.

I’m at a place now where some of these past experiments are starting to gain traction and build steam. I’ve made a decision to start looking for new owners of these properties, not because I want to exit them for a huge financial windfall but simply because I do not have the time or sustaining interest to keep them going myself.

But, I am interested in seeing them succeed and finding the right new owner is what I’m looking for.

So, over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a few of these experiments with the expressed and explicit goal of having one of you, yes you, taking it over. I’m looking for qualified buyers to take these experiments and see them to their glorious end (or beyond…?).


Creative Home Offices

Creative Home Offices has been a project that I started in June of last year – so it’s been more than a year-long experiment. I started creative home offices around the same time I started looking for neat stuff for my own office, which I began blogging about as part of this blog series here.

As you can see, the Series started June 13th and I launched this blog 2 weeks later! The reason? Because I couldn’t find a dedicated source of inspiration for creative home office gear, looks, and more.

So I started blogging, hoping to do it daily. 419 posts later the experiment has proved to be a great success, showing obvious growth and huge potential.

Just look at the stats:


As you can see the traffic is up and to the right. Incredibly healthy. Here’s a month-to-month view via WordPress stats:


Yup. Obvious pattern here, right?

Not to mention that if you Google “creative home offices” the blog is squarely on the first page, with an incredible #3 spot:


So the potential for significant growth in the capable hands of a blogger who wants to take it to the next level is obvious. There has been no monetization so far so it’s a complete blank canvas with revenue potential right out of the gate.

So there you have it. I’m interested in finding someone who will take the blog to the next level and then hopefully build a great revenue channel for their own personal needs.

If you’re seriously interested then drop me a line via my Contact Form on my About page and give me a serious offer. I’m not interested in partnering on any level or doing some revenue share – I’m looking for a cash buyout. I will transfer all rights and privileges and content to your server that you will manage and everyone will have a great party.

Stoked to see who takes this experiment and makes it something big.