Blogapalooza! – 100 Blog Posts in 1 Hour…!

Are you interested in a sprint/marathon (depending on your perspective) blog publishing party and blogapalooza?

Oh yeah!

I’m partnering with eyespeak¬†next¬†Friday at their offices to have a collective blog post mixer! After drinking lots and lots of coffee we’ll come together to see if the entire group can collectively create 100 (or more) full blog posts!

This is for you and your own blog and business – heck, we’re doing all of ourselves a huge favor!

Get some inspiration, network with some other bloggers, creatives, business owners, and more! I’ll be providing a little¬†inspiration and we’ll get writing! I’m excited and should be a neat way to head into the weekend – imagine if you walked away with a few days (weeks?) of blog posts ready for your audience!

Awesomesauce? Yes. Here are the deets!

Hope to see you there!

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