Looking for a New Owner

I launched this pet project a little over a month ago¬†and I’ve realized that I need to either let it go or have someone else take over the intellectual property and run it like a boss.

The original vision was to create a niche offering for bloggers and small business owners to keep a pulse on their server and hosting uptime. It’s a niche that’s not directly targeted (especially for bloggers) and is an open playing field for marketing opportunities.

Financially it’s simply costing me $99 for a developer license (for the iPhone app) a year plus your typical hosting fees. I’m looking to find an owner who will help it grow into something niche and profitable.

Why am I getting rid of it? For the same reason I sold off ChurchAnalytics (which was successfully acquired) – I’m trying to simply my life and provide room for the existing larger things in my life and business.

Email me if you’re interested in knowing more.