Server Uptime Monitoring for Bloggers, Small Businesses

I finally finished the final touches of a new simple service that I’ve been using for a while now (and in fact, a lot recently with so much downtime – a perfect test of this service) and I’m happy to announce the public release! is simply an uptime server monitoring service for bloggers of all types as well as small businesses and web development shops interested in staying on top of their client’s websites.

Some of the neat features include:

  • SMS Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Push Notifications via Free iPhone App
  • Easy to manage sites and blogs with statistics and history.
  • Check HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and any device that can receive PING.

Sweet, right? It’s perfect for even the smaller blogger who wants to keep on top of their blog as they grow and make sure they are the first to know if their blog goes down (before they lose too much traffic and/or revenue).

Check out these screenshots:

Easy to manage dashboard:

Easy to use settings:

Take a look at some statistics as well as history. Download it via CSV export:

Here are some screenshots of the many ways you can be notified of your blog’s condition:

SMS Down Notification

SMS Up Notification

And finally here are some screenshots of the small iPhone application that I’ve been talking about recently:

Login here.

Site list.

Add a site.

Push Notification settings.

Every account starts with the first month free! You’ve got nothing to lose by trying it.

Love to hear your thoughts!

As usual my intention is to simply provide as much value through my work for bloggers and if this service can help you stay more on top of your blog’s server and hosting situation and save you ultimately time, lost traffic, and money (revenue) then I’m good with that!

Thanks all!