Quick Tip: Get a Blogging Buddy (or Team)!

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One of the best things that I did early on was find like-minded people that could not only hold me accountable for blogging consistently but could help remind me daily that blogging is fun.

There’s just something about the power of community when you first start off (and as you continue to grow) that spurs you on to do even better.

So get a blogging buddy today. Here are some practical steps:

Get a buddy!

  • Find someone within your community. This person could be online or offline.
  • Ask them directly to be a “buddy” (or whatever you want to call it).
  • Find a rhythm of checking in with each other. Be kind, helpful, and always encouraging when you do!
  • Have more fun.

Tell me when you’ve got one!

In addition, if you follow me @TentBlogger on Twitter and use the hashtag #TentBloggers, we’ll be able to help each other daily!

[Hah! You can tell I’m a little out of breath right there as I finish walking up the steps. Got to hit the gym!]