Blogging is Digital Ventriloquism


I have this recurring thought of the relationship between blogging and ventriloquism, and how, for some people, blogging is like a form of digital-ventriloquism.

You get to talk but not really be yourself; you can act differently, using your voice to say what you want to say but don’t have to be taken seriously because it’s not really you and your true self or voice.

As a result, the consequences of your words don’t have to matter as much to both the creator and the consumer. Perhaps the impact is the same but you don’t have to necessarily own up to it, if you don’t want to.

From another angle, you don’t get in so much “trouble” for what you say or create… because it’s really not you.

Blogging as digital-ventriloquism… what do you think?  Wierd thought huh.