BlogX – A Preview of Day #1!

Howdy all!

As I had previously announced many of us have now started in on our 90 Day Blogging Bootcamp affectionately called BlogX!

I’ve already posted the challenge in the Community Forums so you can head there now for those that have already registered and signed up!

For those that are still considering it and haven’t joined us yet here’s a preview of just the “warmup” phase for the 40-60 minute activity for Day #1:

Pre-Blogging Warmup (5 Minutes):

First we will always start with a few activities to get our minds right. You may already have a system in place so feel free to use that but for those that are interested in following along with me and some of the things that I do then go for it!

  • Make sure you’ve set aside a good 40-60 minutes for your daily activity! Block it out, schedule it!
  • Get your mind right. Make sure that you’re not overly stressed or overly excited. Come to your blog and blog management with a clear head. If you need to break away and “get settled” and come back go do that now.
  • Get to your preferred “work environment” (we’ll be changing it up a bit as we go along, but we’ll get there soon) and settle in.
  • Get some coffee, water, or whatever else you need.
  • Make note of the time of day and why you chose that time. Just be aware as we may change things up a bit later.
  • Start the clock. Yes, we’re timing ourselves.

Good? Good.

And for the rest of today’s exercise you’ll have to join us in the forums! We walk through Analytics, a Drafting and Posting activity, sharing and “cooldown.”

Hope to see you there!

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