BlogX: An Intense 90 Day Blogging Bootcamp

We're about to get serious...

I attempted the workout program P90X recently and was unable to complete it fully ducking out around the 11th week – but man, did it whip me in some serious shape!

I didn’t have any of the extreme examples of a “before and after” pictures but the change was definitely apparent in the mirror – and my wife, who told me straight, was able to notice a significant difference.

But man, was it tough! It was the hardest workout program I’ve ever done and I had thought about quitting a number of times; but I’m glad that I didn’t. The results were not in the individual workouts but the consistent daily effort to retrain and reprogram my body to think differently about activity as well as changing some dietary habits I’ve created over the years.

And it’s with that experience fresh in my mind that I’m announcing BlogX, a 90 Day Blogging Bootcamp! And it’s only available via the Community Forums!

Starting on September 12th we’re going to start a 90 Day intense blogging bootcamp. What we’re going to do is walk through, together, 90 days of improvement for our blogs with some serious activities, challenges, assignments, and more.

It should be fun and I think many of us will see some significant improvements with our blogs!

So… Why 90 Days?

The answer to that is quite simple: Consistency is one of the only tried-and-true methods that I’ve found that really work when it comes to creating a better blog. Those one week courses don’t create lasting change because they are too short and can’t create the blogging muscle memory required to train ourselves in the art of better blogging.

We need to create blogging stamina to build patterns and habits that will stick with us as we grow our blogs. In fact, I’ve realized that consistency is really one of the most important ingredients of any successful blog – those that persevere and stick with it tend to “win” in the end.

Will it be hard? YES. Will you want to quit? YES. Is there a guarantee of success? NO.

But, you may find something about yourself in the process that might reveal some ground-breaking ideas and even change the way you blog (or even how you see your blog).

If you’re interested then now’s the time to join our curated and protected community!