Blue Babies Pink

I’m following Brett Trapp’s story as he shares it, one post at a time. Well, actually, I’m catching up on it to be truthful but I’m “in” now. It’s amazing.

There are secret struggles and then… there are secret struggles. The pain and anguish and guilt and shame of having to keep it to oneself for so many years…

Many of us (all of us…?) have a few of these, don’t we. They might vary in degree and depth and length and pain but we all have them.

Finding trustworthy people to share them with is important. And, if you can, I’d love for all of us to get there. Unfortunately, for many of us, we’ll take most of these to the grave with us.

How sad that will be.

I’m encouraged by Brett immensely. What courage. What resolve. What humility. Fuck.