Terrible Name, Great Product: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

I think Bose decided to give up entirely on the name-game because their new product has one of the most sterile and boring names of all time:

The product branding / naming team gave up this time – totes kk.

But, after seriously test-driving them for the past week I couldn’t give less of a shit what you call them – they might be the best noise cancelling headphones that I have tried in a long time.

In fact, I was telling my brother this morning about them and I compared them to the indefatigable Sony Eggos that are, without question, the best headphones ever created, full stop.

The best, ever.

Although, these Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are going to give those 20+ year old Eggos a serious run for their money! After a 5-hour hardcore stress-test the other day I felt like my pre-order was well-worth the wait.

Comfort is more than decent, I felt like my ears had both enough cushion and airflow and the levels of noise cancellation were more than acceptable.

The wireless connectivity is impressive in that it allows multiple connections simultaneously and switching devices was more easy than I imagined.

I got black – it was the only option available via pre-order.

I was very skeptical about the touch controls as most of those technologies in portable wear are absolute shit; these have proven to be slightly better than mediocre and I do not actually hate using them.

In fact, I can forgive the inaccuracy of 1 or 2 out of 10 taps because the overall experience is working for me.

The buttons on the side are functional and useful, although I have already forgotten what most of them do the iPhone app has a very simple re-education section that I have found myself going back to a few times.

There we go. Black.

This might be a perfect moment to share that the actual app is surprisingly good, giving me much more granular control over the experience with just enough customization that I felt like I actually have a shot at making them “my very own” – I wish I could have designed the color a bit more though.

Okay, so the iPhone app! It’s actually quite good and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I haven’t wanted to immediately delete it off of my phone’s homescreen:

It’s nicely designed with predictable features:

All-in-all, the Bose 700’s should top the list of audio products to check out this year, especially if you’re in the market for a new and upgraded listening experience.

I’m totally rocking them in my home office as well as my travels to and from meetings in the city.