The CEO’s Brainpan

Hey… I’m booting up a small newsletter in which I will share the potentially-vapid (…! just kidding!) details of what it’s really like to be a CEO of a venture-backed startup.

I don’t really have a solid plan beyond just deciding to put one together, but, a few things, topic-wise, that have come to mind are…:

  1. Sharing a few select readings that have captured my attention and curiosity recently is something of interest.
  2. Q and A section where I try to answer some of the brilliant questions that the community might have.
  3. And obviously-candid musings of how I’m trying to keep it together, all-the-things.

As many of you know, I’ve done the newsletter-thing many, many times before and I’m excited to create a new one with a very specific community in mind and in focus.

Warning: Mileage may vary. Still interested? Subscribe here.