The Story Behind Our Brand Icon

desk-pm-icon-brandI’m finally comfortable with sharing publicly our new brand icon for our yet-unreleased app!

It has taken a very long time to find the right look, the right feel, and the right distinct emotive elements that really bring it to life.

I went through more than a few iterations (one paper-napkin sketch idea here and here) and originally thought I’d move towards a more flat iOS-7-ish design but I changed my mind dramatically when I realized that I wanted the icon to provide much more of a story than just another anti-skeuomorphic decision.

And ultimately I realized that the only true solution would have to be one that carried the unique narrative that had been part of my past as a writer and that showcased what I wanted others to feel when they used the product for their very best work.

A Story in the Making…

My grandmother was a brilliant woman who was far too poor ever to go to college. But she loved to learn and she loved to teach and instruct others.

royal-typewriterAt one point in her life she realized that she wanted to be a librarian, surrounded with wisdom and knowledge,  which would give her an opportunity to guide others to great literature and authors that could provide insight to all sorts of things.

She survived the Great Depression among many other things and was able to get a used typewriter, her very first, a Royal.

She then met and married a man who was also too poor to get a college education and who was, as one of his first jobs, working at a newspaper and publishing company. He was tasked with setting type for printing and also had a love for communication.

Fast-forward many, many years and I found myself in my mother’s basement sitting in front of her IBM Selectric typewriter where she taught me first how to type and  how to write stories. And as I began thinking about the icon that I wanted to have for Desk, I thought upon these things.

You see, it only makes sense that an app that helps facilitate the publication of great stories has, for itself, a great story as well. Most people who will eventually encounter this small little application will never fully know the long and rich story that helped birth it and bring it to life.

Writing and communication is a part of who I am and I am obsessed with it – I just do not see how I will ever give it up! So, I wanted to share at least a little bit about the thought-process behind the Desk PM icon and brand identity so that you know it was made with serious thought, intense love, and a commitment to great stories.

You can see it on the icon itself, by the way, the lightly weathered look of use and yet the care that one gives a device such as this. You can’t help the wear-and-tear, but you will always take superb care of something as special and as fundamental as your most prized creative tool.

I hope you like it.