Designing the TentBlogger Brand Image

A final pass at a new brand image.

As I shared here there’s power in being an iterative blogger – one who understands that it’s about the process of tweaking and taking the small steps to get closer to the goal rather than the big (and sometimes blind) leaps.

We call it progress and progress can be very slow at times, just like when you build your brand as a blogger. As I mentioned previously, I specifically chose to use a caricature model for one part of my visual identity and brand and I’m continuing to refine it as time progresses.

These more “comic-esque” type of images is simply one more step closer to how I really want to present myself to the general public. Here are some candid thoughts:

  • Even though I’ve spent some time and money on developing this brand image my suggestion is that you don’t spend too much time on stuff like this. It’s not as important as many people believe, this thing called visual brand, namely because it’s really outside of your control on the online space! I’ll use it it when I want and the “brand” will speak for itself.
  • When you get to know me personally you learn that I’m 90% silly and 10% serious. The 10% serious part is not even that serious either. These are a bit closer to that idea.
  • The first caricatures were neat but were a bit too polished, if you know what I mean. I’m not a polished person, from pretty much every angle imaginable. I like being a “work in progress” and these images look a bit closer to that (without being completely undone).
  • I love comics and comic books, graphic novels, and the like.

Wes has done a fantastic job so far and I can’t wait to work with him some more to get some poses and such. Love to hear your thoughts on these so far as well as some ideas for “poses”!

Hit me up with some ideas!

Update: Here They Are!

Here are the designs that we came up with! Check it out:

And of course I had one of me standing to the right and juggling all my favorite devices and my favorite shirt ever:

Love Spiderman!

Good stuff!