Branding Clarity Hack Fest

Today was incredible – my brother and I are partnering on a new venture together to create an exceptionally unique business, one that combines the best of our experiences and leverages our unique strengths extremely well.

We’ve always wanted to work together in some capacity but it’s been honestly very difficult to find a common ground and an idea that excited us equally. That spark was created earlier this month and we quickly began to model a business plan and even court customers interested in our concept! What we didn’t have was a brand identity or anything close to an acceptable and workable logo or brand mark.

Luckily we knew a local organization that specializes in brand clarity and we quickly scheduled an all-day brand exercise that totally kicked our butts – the result? A Brand Brief and a visual logo and identity that kicks some serious tail. I cannot believe that we walked into eyespeak’s offices this morning and left with tangible deliverables in-hand.

What a day. What an incredible team.

I’ll share more thoughts as we continue to scale the business and are ready to publicly announce our new startup but I will tell you that Benj and his team are the real deal – world class business partners who understand how to take abstract thoughts and execute extraordinarily well.

Yikes. Today’s been incredibly productive. What about you? What did you do today?