Personal Branding Starts Early, Starts with You!


My little 5 year old has encountered the first part of personal branding on her very first homework assignment in Kindergarten.

I just stood back as she was coloring in her assignment and began thinking about how positively I could approach this and how important it is to train her up with personal branding in mind.

You see, personal branding starts early because it starts with you. Even this assignment speaks of that since personal branding is a large part of how you view yourself and what you believe about yourself, your aptitudes, behaviors, strengths, and personal preferences.

Personal branding starts with answering the simple questions that start with, “My name is ____________ and this is what I do…

Now, with my daughter I won’t call it “branding” explicitly but what I will do is help her (and all my kiddos) understand that personal branding matters and that they carry a brand wherever they go. They can either be defined by how others think of them or be defined about how they see themselves and those that love them and that are closest to them.

The choice, as they say, is entirely hers.

For many of you this is a simple reminder of the fact that you’re developing a personal brand and that it’s gaining momentum in many areas, some of which you may want to decommission or remove entirely and a few other areas that you want to accelerate and build even more momentum.

For the rest of you it’s time to wake up to the reality that you have a brand and that you must do something proactively to control it, manage it, and grow it positively, especially for others.

So, how are you building your personal brand these days? Where? What are you doing explicitly to grow it?

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