Chrome Bravo Backpack (What’s Inside)

I’m somewhat obsessed about backpacks. Even as a child I would obsess about them and stand there in the store aisle toying with them, trying them on, walking around the store with them as I attempted to find the perfect one for the coming school year.

I can remember my mother yelling “Hurry up!” as I painstakingly compared and contrasted my options. There were just too many points to compare, too many weights and balances to experience and try, and never enough color choices (although I really like black).

As an adult I’ve somewhat learned to manage my obsession since the backpacks that I want to purchase and try are oftentimes a magnitude more expensive than my old one-pocket JanSport.

(Pause for a moment… and remember your old JanSport…)

Right now I’m crushing on my Chrome Bravo and I’ve pretty much fallen in love with it. It is the right blend of size, weight, and fit. It’s extremely comfortable and after a few months of wear I have not yet felt it “cut” into me, even when wearing it for a long period of time and with it fully packed.

And, it’s black, my favorite color (or “non-color” as people like to tell me…).

I don’t carry much for the work that I do on most days – here is what is inside:

Everything spread out all nice-like.

Here’s a general list:

  • I am always reading one or two (or three or four) books at the same time. I carry ones that I’m meditating on so that I can reference them easily.
  • My favorite notebook (and I’ve tried a few) at the moment is the trust old Moleskine.

Lol. That sticker.

I got that sticker via this conference here.

  • I have a ton of cables for my MacBook Air 11″ – pretty much one for every possible technical scenario. Always be prepared.
  • A FOB for entrance into one of my offices, my wallet, cleaning cloths for my glasses (I use these), and a USB Key. I still, on occasion, have need for transferring files from one machine to another. I know, I know… so old school.

I have a nice and short Lightning Power Cord for my iPhone. Yey.

Business cards, a Karma Mobile Hotspot, and my Klipsch headphones, keys…

And, of course, a power pack and a bundle of medicine that I use to maintain mental stability throughout the day and any unwanted attacks of anxiety. You’re right as it’s not exactly the best place and most sanitary and careful way to carry such important things… but, it works.

A Pilot G-2 pen rounds it out and that’s about it. All of this stuff barely takes up any space in the bag so I have tons of space if I need it.

So, what are backpack are you using these days?