The “Bronze Chicken” is Here! 🥉🐔

We’re excited to announce our latest update and patch to our Private Beta is now live (using this name generator as inspiration)!

You can read much more about the specifics of this update via our new Support Site as well as below! Please make special note of the 🦄 Bonus Material at the end!

This is our first major update since we’ve moved away from our legacy SDLC process and into our new Kanban-centric workflow! There are a handful of major feature updates and a ton of behind-the-scenes, backend updates that are making our network stronger and more resilient.

With that, let’s jump in with our Codename: Bronze Chicken!

💎 – New Features

  • Charts in Post – You’ll now be able to add cryptocurrency charts directly in a post update! Feel free to give it a test! Learn more here.
  • Replay Binance TX – You can now replay Binance transactions.
  • Group Chat – You can now create group chats with your growing community! Learn more here.

🛠️ – Updated

  • Mobile Version – We have a refreshed mobile-ready (browser-only) experience! 

🐛 – Fixed

  • Repost Grouping – There was some wonky behavior related to reposting content. This should now be fixed!
  • Coinbase Updates – TX, TVT, fiat conversions, and more have been fixed.
  • A Ton of Bugs – Thanks so much for all of your help! 

🦄 – Bonus Material

  • Bugs and Feature Requests: Please note that we’re now using a new system for Bug Reporting and Feature Requests!
  • Feel free to create an account and join us!