Bruce Sterling on Augmented Reality

Here is Bruce Sterling’s keynote at AWE 2013 (Augmented World Expo).

Sterling is an American science fiction author who is best known for his novels and his work on the MirrorShades anthology which helped define the cyberpunk genre. In the last few years, Bruce has been regarded as the prophet of augmented reality, covering and critiquing the emerging field and has headlined previous ARE events. Sterling shares his views about the state of the augmented world – at Augmented World Expo.

I love his breakdown at the end as well his thoughts on a post-AR world, a AR-conditioned world. His final encouragement is awesome:

Don’t be ashamed to make history. Don’t be too shy. Don’t stick in your comfort zone. If you get great it won’t be because you did what you want, it’ll be because you did something that was needed.

Wonderful. Simple wonderful.