Hello World: Bite-Sized VC

I was having a conversation with my brother a little while back and we were discussing the challenges around building companies and, of course, raising venture capital.

We’ve both had to walk through “the fire” a few times and we have both been burnt as well. Sadly, a lot of those things could have been avoided (I’ll just speak for myself) if I had been a bit more knowledgable on the subject.

To an extent, though, there are some things about raising venture capital and financing a company that you can only learn through experience. But those things and experiences are few and far between.

Most of the more explicitly tactical things can be taught and the rest will be forever naunce-y, things like the “art” to negotiation and the ability to “herd cats” which just takes time to learn, practice, and a whole lot of luck.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way and this is why I’ve started a small YouTube playlist (or “show”) called “Bite-Sized VC” and I hope to share, every week, a few thoughts and perspectives of raising Venture Capital from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

It’s my opportunity to create something that I wished that I had when I started my first venture-backed company and it’s my gift back to a community that’s treated me well.

Feel free to check it out, suggest content ideas, and subscribe / share. It should be pretty fun and I’m glad to do it.