The Power of Fandoms: A BTS ARMY Story (and Dance)!

I’m so proud of my oldest who has really pushed the boundaries of her creativity for her final project!

In the first part, she came up with a topic that inspired her (BTS, of course!) and performed an entire speech and presentation a’la TEDX:

(It is her dream to meet them in-person one day… I’m not entirely sure how that will happen, but, she’s keeping the dream alive! 🤷🏻‍♂️)


There’s no way that I could have done this when I was 12 years old! And then the second part of her final project was actually learning the entire choreographed dance of one of her favorite BTS songs, Boy with Luv where she captured her progress over time:

The final version is at the end of the video above or you can see it directly here:

To pull this off we simply used my GoPro setup (and I was the camera man!).

I’m obviously gushing with pride as her Appa – and she’s learned not only a ton in the process but she’s additionally was able to try a host of new things, including skills like public speaking, which she expressed interest in doing more of (which is amazing to me because I hate public speaking – too much anxiety!).

Ultimately what my wife and I want to do is in terms of education for our children is to make sure that they are continually falling more in love with learning and that they are deeply powered by a curiosity of the world and help them to ask the important questions, like what their role actually is in making the world a better place:

We’re not perfect but we’re so grateful for independent schools like NOMAD who create environments where these types of things can happen.